1B Newton Heath Manchester United v Bolton 1800’s Senior Cup Final

1Newton Heath Manchester United Bolton 1800’s Senior Cup Final


DATE 06/10/1888

Newton Heath (Man Utd) v Bolton Wanderers 1888

Manchester Senior Cup Final football Programme.


This football match was Played at Hyde Road, Manchester, in the late 1800’s.

This was to be the team that turned into the great Manchester United that we know now.


Manchester United were originally Railway workers (Newton Heath).

This is a fantastic realistic reprinted programme that has been specially aged to look, and feel, like a genuine old vintage antique Football programme.

Obviously for security proof it states on the rear that it’s a reprint, as it seems so real.

But, we only have VERY limited numbers of these left,

so first come, first served, once they are gone, that’s it.

Each programme has it’s own unique aging markings!

Also a just for a little extra information,

The first ever goal scored in the Football league

was scored by Bolton Winger Kenny Davenport on 08/08/1888 – ( 08/08/88 )
Bolton Wanderers v Derby County 1888

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A Reprint- but really looks very realistic aged/faded/creased.
(it does have an aged musk aroma to it as well from the aging process)

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