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Reprint & Pirate Football Programmes ?

Also known as Reprints or Replica or Pirate football programmes.


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We will try to show you the differences between them,
and also what to watch out for in the replica Issues.

So many people are getting ripped off that we have decided to try and feature some of the well known reprint / fake copies of football programmes.


Reprints are a great cheap way of obtaining rare and expensive football programmes, but the trouble starts when people don’t know that the reprinted issue is a copy/fake.

Some printers actually include the words reprinted in 19??
somewhere in the programme, Some reprinted programmes do NOT have this printed any where at all though.

First we will start with – 1966 World Cup Final

( 1966 World Cup Final – England v West Germany )

This is the most common football programme that is sold as an original match day programme.
(see our shop for the original and the reprint)

This World cup final was held in July 1966 and as there was a massive demand for the football programmes, so they all sold out.

How To Tell Difference – An Original and A Reprint.

This programme has seen ( four ) different issues printed over the years. One is the Original from the 1966 World Cup final,
and there are also three reprinted programmes so far.
The first reprint was just after the 66 world cup final,
the second reprint was in 1970, and the third issue was in printed in 1999.

(1) – The Original 1966 Genuine Programme.

The original 1966 World Cup Final England v West Germany
The football programme has a very distinct Chelsea Blue colour to the front cover background, which is a (darkish shade of blue) if you did not know.
On the rear cover of the original programme there is a picture of a Cadet cigarette packet, and the colour of the stripes should be a distinctive scarlet red colour, NOT “orange”.

Inside the programme on page Two the Players No.6 cigarette packet picture, should have a distinct two tone contrasting black and white stripe on the pack.

The front cover lettering of “England V West Germany”
should be a slightly blueish colour and NOT “BLACK”.
On Page Four the Earls tie should have a distinct pattern to it, the reprints do not have this, it is just dark.
The picture of the Slazenger football on the centre pages should be a clear light colour, and you can read the writing on them.
The weight of the programme is a real clue as well, the original 66 Football programme weighs about 130 grams,
and the reprints are only about 96 grams, thus the original is heavier than the reprints.
Also the size of the staples are exactly half of an inch long.
The paper was printed in two separate stages, they were printed separately just before the final when they found out the team line ups, the reprints use the same paper throughout.
view here a ( CLICK HERE Genuine 1966 World Cup Football Programme )

(2) – The 1966 1st Reprint Issue.

This programme is very similar to the original, but was reprinted just after the world cup in 66, the main difference on this one is the writing on the front cover,
( England V West Germany ) has a black colour compared to the original, which has a blue tinge to it,
and the cover is more of a lilac shade.
BEWARE this is very similar to the original.
The weight of the programme is 96 grams.

The No6 cigarette packet DOES have the stripe though.

(3) – The 1970 2nd Reprint Issue.

The Second reprint of the 1966 world cup football programme was in 1970, there are differences in the colours from the original Football programme. The reprint front cover background, has more of a lilac colour to it, on the rear of the reprint, the cadet cigarette box stripe is more of a tangerine shade.
Also on page two of the copy the logo boxes on the cig adverts, should be two different shades of light and dark grey, but on the reprint they are almost one single shade, the weight is about 122g.

(4) – The 1999 3rd Reprint Issue.

The 3rd reproduction of the 1966 final programme was a much better copy and so is harder to distinguish between the original issue.
On the 1999 reprint the Union Jack flag has a more darker blue tint to it, a more of a navy colour than a Chelsea Blue. A big indication of this issue being a reprint is that on the rear cover bottom right hand corner, it has text printed in black print on the white margin,
“REPRINTED 1999” This may also have been removed on suspect copies, so look for the signs of it’s removal, the weight is 127g.

Other Factors To Consider
Other factors to take in to consideration to find out if you actually own a fake 1966 world cup programme is to use your common sense. This football programme will now start to be showing signs of it’s age. The paper will not be in mint shiny condition, it may be slightly faded with age, with handling the page edges will not be razor sharp either.

Also the thickness and weight of the outer cover pages should be thicker,
ie the outer covers are thicker than the inner pages,
Similar to the earlier tournament brochure covers. also the total weight of the original programme should be 130 grams, the reprint is usually 145 grams or more.

If you are not 100% sure, our advice is don’t buy it.

Original Issue

Reprint Issue

Original - Player Cigs Picture

Reprint Issue - Players Cig Picture

Original Issue Cigarettes Page

Repro Issue Cigarettes Page

Please send in any other information about other fake reproduction Football programmes, not just the 1966 programme, and we will publish other reprints on FootballProgramme.com