The Abbreviations Key chart – see below our conditions gradings.

Condition AbbreviationDescription
NrMIn Near Mint condition – like New – but we never say it’s mint if it been touched by hand !
VERY GOODIn Very Good condition – but most collectors would say Excellent !
GOODIn Good condition – light creases – maybe some markings (we will say so)
FAIRIn Fair condition – creased – slightly Worn – or Aged
POORIn Poor condition – creased – Worn – Aged
Full Detailed Abbreviations BelowDescription
Auto’sItem has been autographed signed (genuine)
CfldItem has a centre fold/s
CrItem has creases (Light) or (Heavy) = lcr / hcr
FoxingItem has tiny ageing marks-rust spots
Good CondGood condition maybe some light creases
GrItem has grubby markings to pages = slightly = slgr
Inkhas ink blotches on or in pages
MintAs new – but we never usually say mint – just NrM
MKSItem has markings on – either general handling or grubby
MOFItem has a (mark on the front)
NiItem has page edge nicks/splits – tiny minute edge (tears)
NorNumber on the rear cover
NOFName or number on face/front of cover
NORName or number on Rear/back cover
NrMCondition is Near Mint – or as new – we never say mint if touched by hand.
PItem is in poor condition
PHItem has ring binder punch holes
PinHas drawing pin holes on (where stated)
RsRusty Staples with maybe rust stain markings or (slight rs)
Rs-hlRusty Staples with slight hole around staple
ScItem has the scores (results) entered somewhere inside item
ScuffUsually a mark on the fold which is a bit worn
SLSlightly – only a bit
SlcrSlight crease
SlrsSlight rusty staple usually with bleed marks around it
Sl trItem has a slight tear
St-outStaples out and have been removed
SobScores have been written on back cover
SofScores have been written on face/front cover
SpThe spine has split a little – amount will be stated
StHas a stain somewhere as stated
ToKMatch Token – or Voucher
TiKMatch Ticket
TMThe token voucher has been removed (token missing)
TapedTaped spine or edge – Cello taped
TrItem has tears usually only small either(SL)or as stated
VGItem condition is very good – not mint though
WobWriting on back Cover
WrnWorn with age or use

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